Fishing on Lake Geneva

Fishing on Lake Geneva, with an experienced fishing guide, alone, with family or friends, means fishing in the waters of the largest alpine lake in Europe, a favorite hunting ground for large predators… perch and pike, but also lake trout.

The waters of Lake Geneva are rich in large perch, which you can tease with a spoon, a drop shot, spinnerbait, fish swimmer, jig, Texas mount …

The lake also has a nice population of very large pikes, a specialty of Romandie Fishing. To fish them, the most common technique used is fishing with lures, swimming fish of all sizes, large soft swimbait, spinning and undulating spoons …

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Fly fishing in rivers

You want to try or improve your fly fishing technique ? Discover other spots on the rivers of Vaud ? Live a real immersion in a natural universe preserved from the urban agitation ?

Fly fishing with Romandie Fishing is to be accompanied by a professional of adventure fishing, who knows the natural environment and masters the fishing techniques : dry fishing, drowned fishing, nymph fishing or streamer fishing …

It is to devote oneself to an exciting and complete fishing practice, which is at the same time an outdoor activity, a leisure activity and a sport.

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Fly tying course

Come and learn how to tie your own artificial flies to fish with your own flies and let your creativity run free.

Our partner, the Interpêche store in Lausanne, provides you with all the necessary material to design your flies in order to make them at home.

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Fly casting course

To experience the fullness of fly fishing, practice through Laurent Charenton’s fly fishing casting courses, by resuming the fundamentals of casting.

Perfect your practice of the art of casting, with your fly rod or the one lent to you by Romandie Fishing.

Book a training session tailored to your level and your fishing goals.

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