Laurent Charenton

Born in Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva, in a family of fishermen, I grew up in the exciting world of fishing with the ambition to make my passion my work.

From pike fishing to fly fishing

I started by learning how to fish for perch, which are very present on the shores of Lake Geneva, and then for trout, a species for which the approach to fish is very different but so exciting.

Open to other species and disciplines, I practiced pike fishing that I first practiced in ponds and in the lake of Bret. Afterwards, I explored Lake Geneva and discovered an incredible population of pike with flamboyant colors.

It was at the age of fifteen, during a stay in Sweden, that I learned fly fishing. I was able to catch the most beautiful trout and grayling of my life. I knew at that moment what my path would be: to make my passion for sport fishing my professional activity.

Fishing on Lake Geneva, my passion turned profession

In 1997, I joined the Interpêche store in Lausanne, where I learned the job of a fishing tackle dealer: advising customers, repairing, manufacturing, testing lures of all types… I also multiplied the fishing techniques, both in fresh water and in the sea, to fish a maximum of different species and thus, to combine theoretical and practical mastery, in order to always better advise the fishermen

Since 2000, 50% of my activity is dedicated to fly fishing courses and guiding on Lake Geneva and the rivers of the canton of Vaud.

Co-founder of the first sport fly fishing school in Cuba

In 2002, I went fly fishing on the flats of Cuba. I meet Machito, a professional fishing guide who gives me all his knowledge about fishing the shoal and its fish: bonefish, permit, tarpon, barracuda, shark, etc…

Becoming friends, we live many adventures on the flats of the Caribbean Sea and discover every day an authentic and diversified aquatic fauna.

A few years later, together we set up the first sport fly fishing school for children in Cuba, which is still in full operation today.

Professional fishing guide on Lake Geneva

When I returned to Switzerland, I was lucky enough to be able to pursue my activity as a fishing guide and continue to live my passion to the fullest.

I like to pass on my knowledge of all fishing techniques, to teach you how to use and handle the right equipment, to practice fishing that is both responsible and synonymous with pleasure!

I have at heart to make you enjoy a unique fishing experience on the most beautiful spots of Lake Geneva or on the rivers of Vaud, in the respect of our environment, of the fauna and of the various species of fish which populate these natural environments, to which I am very attached.

In my professional fishing practice, I associate the know-how and the life skills of the fisherman: fishing, preservation, sharing, open air, fish… so that the respect of these rules of conduct allows us to enjoy the joys and the pleasure of nature together!

“Fishing is more than a passion, fishing is a way of life.”

Laurent Charenton

Théo Guignard : Fly Fishing Guide, Passion and Expertise in the heart of the North Vaud region

Originally from the Nord Vaudois region, I’m Théo Guignard, a young and passionate fly-fishing guide. My journey into the world of fishing began during summer holidays with my godfather in the canton of Jura, where I was introduced to trout fishing with lures. From the age of 14, after obtaining my fishing license, I immersed myself in exploring the rivers of the Vaud region, an environment that has become my permanent playground and learning ground.

My Evolution in Fishing

For me, fishing is a constant quest for knowledge and improvement. I’ve explored a variety of techniques, from lure and toc fishing, to finally blossoming in the art of fly fishing. This method captivated me with the grace of its gestures and its effectiveness. Fly fishing offers incredible diversity, whether you’re fishing dry, nymph, drowned or streamer.

The Beauty of Continuous Learning

The magic of fly fishing lies in its infinite learning curve. Every day is an opportunity to discover and experiment, particularly in the art of fly tying – a fascinating world that enriches the fishing experience.

Sharing my passion

Sharing my knowledge and love of fishing has always been a priority. This passion naturally led me to become a fishing guide. To ensure a quality learning experience, I have obtained the title of Swiss Fly Fishing Instructor, recognized by the FSP, enabling me today to live and share incredible fishing adventures with you.

Commitment to Nature

My mission as a guide is not limited to teaching fishing. It’s essential for me to guide you through our splendid Vaud rivers in a way that respects both the fish and the environment around us.