Romandie Fishing, your guide to fly fishing

Fly fishing in the canton of Vaud is an adventure and discovery fishing experience, due to the incredible diversity of its rivers, from the stream to the river, the Rhône.

Beginner or advanced, Romandie Fishing guides you in learning and mastering fly fishing, the most difficult and exciting fishing technique. Extremely technical, it requires a long learning curve but the results obtained are worth the effort.

What to fish on the rivers of Vaud ?

The waterways of the canton of Vaud are populated with wild trout and grayling, for some of them. The fishing area covers the entire canton of Vaud, a maximum distance of one hour by car from Lausanne.

Fly fishing


Nymph fishing in the river

European style

Fly casting course

Fly fishing


Streamer fishing

Mounting course

How to fly fish?

Fly fishing requires a combination of complex knowledge: river, fish, insects, weather, and a lot of technical know-how and much more … artistic.

Because fly fishing is more than a fishing technique, it is an art. Aesthetic, by its precise and cadenced movements, majestic, fly fishing is for the practitioner, an art of living.

To start fly fishing, Romandie Fishing advises you on the right equipment for the fisherman and teaches you how to put the right fly, make the right cast to land the right catch, trout or grayling.

If you already practice fly fishing and you wish to improve and diversify your techniques, Romandie Fishing’s advanced sessions will help you progress quickly and efficiently.

When to fly fish on rivers?

You will be able to fish your best catches from March until September.

Species of fishFishing period
Lake TroutMarch to September
ShadeMarch to September

Consult the legal information on fishing in the canton of Vaud

Where to meet for river fishing?

Meet us at 7 avenue Ruchonnet in Lausanne for your fishing session.