Romandie Fishing, your fishing partner on Lake Geneva.

The largest alpine lake in Western Europe, located at the foot of the Alps and the Jura, Lake Geneva is the ideal lake for fishing for carnivorous fish, perch, big pike and lake trout.

To have a successful fishing season, several fishing techniques can work depending on the natural and weather conditions, your level and your fishing goals.

What to fish on Lake Geneva ?

As early as January, the opening of the lake trout and salmonids usually signals the beginning of the fishing season on the lake.
The waters of Lake Geneva are also a favorite place for large predators…
May marks the beginning of the fishing season for big pikes, a specialty of Romandie Fishing. From June, the perch are out, they often move in shoals and go up on the shallows when the good days arrive.

All these activities take place aboard a high performance boat in terms of stability and speed, giving access to all the best spots on the lake. It is equipped with the latest technology and accessories on the market.

What techniques to fish on Lake Geneva ?

For lake trout, trolling is the most common method of fishing, but fishing with lures in open water and near the mouths gives excellent results.

For the big perch, still numerous to populate the waters of Lake Geneva, Romandie Fishing teaches you to vary the techniques and the fishing equipment according to the seasons: fishing in summer with surface lures, fishing in autumn with a drop shot, more offshore …

Several fishing techniques allow you to tease them: with a lure, with a swimmer fish, with a soft lure… Casting with a spoon, a drop shot, spinnerbait, swimmer fish, jig, texan rig, etc.
“To fish for perch is to practice fun fishing, as the perch is such a good fighter!”

Specialty of Romandie Fishing, the fishing for very large pikes provides adrenaline and pleasure of a fishing fight and varied in its techniques.
Lure fishing is the most commonly used: swimming fish of all sizes, large soft swimbaits, spinners and waving spoons. For days when the fish are less biting, trolling techniques, planerboard type, offer a nice fight, rod in hand.

When to fish on Lake Geneva ?

The fishing season lasts all year long and preserves the species during their reproduction period. The success of the fishing depends mainly on the weather, which is unpredictable at the beginning of the year, but which nevertheless allows us to fish, as early as January, for salmonids and the famous lake trout of Lake Geneva.

You will be able to fish your best catches of big predators, perch and pike as early as May (May for pike and June for perch), and this until December, depending on the winter temperatures.

Species of fishFishing period
Lake TroutJanuary to April
PikeMay to December
PerchJune to December

For your comfort, Romandie Fishing reserves the right to postpone a fishing session if the weather conditions prove to be too harsh (strong winds, ice …).

What are the fishing formulas on Lake Geneva ?

Prices in CHF. Permits and materials included. If you want to complete your fishing equipment and accessories, Romandie Fishing recommends its partner Interpêche in Lausanne.

Minimum 18 years old, otherwise accompanied by an adult
Equipment included except boots or waders
Permit included
Travel is included from the hotel or meeting place
The travel time is deducted from the fishing time


How are the fishing activities on Lake Geneva?

All fishing activities take place aboard a high performance boat in terms of stability and speed, giving access to the best spots on Lake Geneva.

Equipped with the latest technologies and accessories of the nautical market, the Lund Predator can accommodate three fishermen and a pilot, in optimal conditions of comfort.

Brand : Lund Predator 2010
Length : 20’10” (6 meters 35)
Engine: Yamaha 225 hp
Number of passengers : 3 fishermen + 1 pilot

port of Ouchy in Lausanne

Where to meet for fishing on Lake Geneva ?

Meet at the port of Ouchy in Lausanne for your boarding.

Specificities of Lake Geneva :

  • Largest alpine lake in Western Europe
  • Area: 581.3 km2
  • Length : 75 km
  • Width: 14 km at its widest point
  • Maximum depth: 310 meters depending on the year

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