You want to improve your fly fishing technique ?

You don’t like to fish alone and prefer to be accompanied by a fishing guide, a fly fishing specialist ?

Improve your fly fishing skills


Integrate other techniques or improve your fly fishing skills through advanced sessions, in 4 and 8 hours.

Learn new techniques :

  • Sight fishing : sight fishing in clear water. After analyzing the flow, the depth of the water, the activity of the trout, you will be able to choose your nymph model and to react to the movement and the behavior of the fish.
  • Nymph fishing with or Czech nymph: positioned upstream, the fishing is practiced with heavier imitations than in drowned, with one or two nymphs.
  • Streamer fishing : incentive fishing by animating a streamer, a lure fly that imitates a fish (minnow, gudgeon, sculpin, etc.) by releasing the rod tip to follow the drift of the line.

How to improve your fly fishing skills?

Period from March to September



Prices in CHF. Permit and equipment included (except Waders and boots).

If you want to complete your fishing equipment and accessories, Romandie Fishing recommends its partner store Interpêche, in Lausanne.

Minimum 18 years old, otherwise accompanied by an adult
Equipment included except boots or waders
Permit included
Travel is included from the hotel or meeting place
The travel time is deducted from the fishing time

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