Beginner fly fishing

Knowing the right place, the right time with the right fly for a controlled cast?

For a perfect landing, a perfect strike and an intense fight, be accompanied by Laurent Charenton, fishing guide, for your learning of fly fishing.

How to start fly fishing

If you are a beginner and want to learn fly fishing quickly and at a lower cost, adopt the “Beginner” package, the result of 25 years of experience in lake and river fishing.
The “Beginner” package lasts 9 hours during which I teach you all the fundamentals of fly fishing that will allow you to land your first fish and continue your fly fishing career in the best conditions.

How to fly fish for the first time?

The “Beginner” package lasts 9 hours, in two separate sessions.
The first 5 sessions last one hour each, on a clear field, to learn :

  • Knowledge of the material, the different types of rods and actions, reel, silk
  • The technique of throwing, backhand, roll, parachute break, etc.
  • The making of knots and a leader
  • The different imitations: dry, nymphs, streamers and when to use them.

Each one-hour session is spaced 3 to 5 days apart to allow you to train, at home, in the technique of casting with the equipment provided, rod, reel, line.

These five sessions conclude with a 4-hour session on the river to apply the knowledge gained in the field and catch your first fish with a fly rod.

Period from March to September

Prices in CHF. Permit and equipment included (except Waders and boots).

If you want to complete your fishing equipment and accessories, Romandie Fishing recommends its partner Interpêche in Lausanne.

Minimum 18 years old, otherwise accompanied by an adult
Equipment included except boots or waders
Permit included
Travel is included from the hotel or meeting place
The travel time is deducted from the fishing time

Book a fly fishing session for beginners

7 avenue Ruchonnet in Lausanne

Where to meet for your fly casting class?

Go to  7avenue Ruchonnet in Lausanne, in view of your course.

The session takes place on an open field ideal for training.