Learn to fish with a nymph on a river


You want to go further in fly fishing in the river? Trying your hand at other more advanced techniques?
Learn with a fishing guide, a specialist in nymph fishing ?

As opposed to sight fishing, line fishing is fishing “the water”, prospecting the water layers, offering the fish a weighted nymph or a second one in a potence. You need to have a good reading of the water, the right equipment and acquire the fishing technique.

Who can fish with nymphs on the river ?

You already practice fly fishing in the river and want to learn how to fish with a nymph on a line, through 4-hour improvement sessions.

Positioned upstream, nymph fishing is practiced with one or two nymphs, in a potence. It is designed for anglers who already master fly fishing in rivers and who want to learn a more technical but equally exciting and effective way of fly fishing!

Period from April to September

Prices in CHF. Prices for package fishing sessions include the license. All equipment is included, except Waders or boots.

If you want to complete your fishing equipment and accessories, Romandie Fishing recommends its partner store Interpêche, in Lausanne.

Minimum 18 years old, otherwise accompanied by an adult
Equipment included except boots or waders
Permit included
Travel is included from the hotel or meeting place
The travel time is deducted from the fishing time

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How to fish with a nymph on a line?

Laurent Charenton guides you to the best spots and rivers in the region, advises you on the nymphs to adopt according to the tastes and preferences of the fish and teaches you how to fish with a nymph line “European style”.

Necessary equipment for nymph fishing with wire:

– Rod between 9 and 11 feet (depending on the size of the river and the space available around it).
– Two types of reels can be used: classic reels or reels with a removable weighting system to balance the rod.
– Parallel silk.
– A leader whose length does not exceed twice the length of the rod.

According to the speed of the current and the depth of the river, the weight of the nymphs must be adapted. Provide several variations of nymphs, of different sizes, weights and colors.

Technique of fishing with nymphs with wire “European style”:

  • Cast the nymph using not the weight of the line but the weight of the nymph to propel it.
  • Position the rod at a 45° angle after the nymph hits the water.
  • Follow the trajectory of the line during its drift, thanks to the two-colored line you have mounted above your tip.
  • Be sure to keep your left hand in position, to retrieve the line as you drift, and keep your leader under tension.

These are only the basic rules, you will really learn by practicing in the field, during your fishing session with Laurent Charenton.