Learn to fish with streamers in small and medium rivers

That’s it! It’s the opening of the fishing season and you want to try one of the most exciting, if not the most biting, fishing techniques!

Want to experience a fun fishing session and tease the biting fish?

In a 4-hour session, you will learn to fish with streamers, one of the most demanding and exciting fishing techniques, on the best river spots in the canton of Vaud.

Who is streamer fishing for?


The streamer fishing is an incentive fishing, by the animation of a streamer, a lure fly that imitates a fish (minnow, gudgeon, sculpin, etc.). The animation of the streamer is done by movements of the tip. The left hand recovers the excess silk.

It is designed for anglers who have already mastered river fly fishing and who want to learn another very effective practice!

Period from March to September

Prices in CHF. Prices for package fishing sessions include the license. All equipment is included, except for waders or boots.

If you want to complete your fishing equipment and accessories, Romandie Fishing recommends its partner store Interpêche, in Lausanne.

If you want to make your own streamers, Laurent Charenton offers you to take a fly tying course.

Book a streamer fishing session in the river

How to fish with a streamer?

Laurent Charenton guides you to the best spots and rivers in the region, advises you on the most effective flies and teaches you how to fish with streamers.

Equipment needed for streamer fishing:

  • Cane between 7 and 9 feet.
  • Standard reel.
  • Floating silk WF 4 to 8.
  • Short leader, tip 0,20 mm and 0,30 mm.
  • Provide an assortment of streamers of different sizes, weights and colors.

For your fishing session with Romandie Fishing, the equipment is included. Bring your waders or boots.

Tips for streamer fishing:

  • Throwing at short distance,
  • Always keep the silk taut,
  • Keep both the tip of the line and the streamer – if you can see it – in your sights so you can detect the slightest touch,
  • Animate the streamer as naturally as possible,
  • Vary the animation according to the temperature of the water. In cold water, practice the slowest animation possible. On the other hand, when the temperature rises, on sunny days, the animation will be more rhythmic.

These are only the basic rules, you will really learn by practicing in the field, during your fishing session with Laurent Charenton.